Hey there!

I’m Julia.

But all my friends call me Jules. I support teachers with creating authentic learning opportunities by using engaging teaching strategies.

Cheers to hanging out together in my favorite way – over a good cup of coffee!  If you’re newer to my page, here’s a bit of my story.  I started teaching in 2014 and have taught many grade levels all throughout Michigan.  In 2017, I began documenting my teaching life on Instagram.  

I am a creative, project-based learning, glitter-loving kind of teacher.  Whether you are or not, I know we both share the common goal of wanting kids to reach their utmost potential through a student-centered approach.    

In this community, you are seen and valued for all that you do!  I love helping teachers with authentic learning opportunities using engaging teaching strategies. Together we will connect, inspire, and encourage one another to make your classroom a place where everyone loves coming each and every day! 

Let’s be friends!

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