Meet Jules

Hey, sweet friend! Grab your cup of coffee and snuggle into something comfy! I am truly so happy you are here!  I want you to know that I believe in you and all the ways you are always striving to be the best teacher and human you can be.  I hope you are encouraged from our time together here and can take something back to your classroom!  

A little about me- I’m an enneagram 7 – always up for adventure, people lover, positive, + energetic.  I’m a dedicated wife, mama, daughter, sister + friend.  I love to laugh and be surrounded by the people I love.  Give me a day of outside exploring with an iced coffee in hand and I am one happy gal.  A few years ago I visited the Rocky Mountains in Colorado and it easily became one of my favorite places and filled with my favorite things.  I run on cinnamon-honey oat milk lattes, Jesus, baking and stoplight dance parties.

So why am I here chatting with you? In 2017, during my third year of teaching, a co-worker suggested I look into selling teaching products on Teachers Pay Teachers because I was always creating new materials for my classroom.  I decided I had nothing to lose and jumped in!  At the same time, I also began documenting my teaching journey and connecting with other teachers on Instagram.  In addition to sharing my story, I found friends who I have learned from and been continuously supported and encouraged.  

I have taught K, 1st, and 5th.  But, I have spent the majority of my teaching years in 2nd grade.  Finding my sweet spot in education was a challenge because of moving, the pandemic, and starting a family, but I am so grateful for the experience I’ve had in these different positions!  I am currently working part-time as a literacy specialist, but my heart is truly in the classroom and I love sharing materials and engagement strategies that you can take back to your kiddos in your classroom!  Anything that I share is because I have used it and loved it…so I hope you do too!

So welcome to my little corner of the internet & cheers to shared stories, learning new ideas, hanging out together over a good cup of coffee! 

Stick with people who pull the magic
out of you, not the madness


My Mission

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